Wednesday, March 17, 2004

GTLS Japan

Continuation of the GTLS tour in Tokyo. Read about the trip and the first part in Singapore here.

Yu (Tokyo Tech) giving us a tour as we entered Tokyo City and giving a mic to a Japanese person will most likely end in some Karaoke (tour with entertainment)...

A Morgan sports car on the Tokyo freeway. This is basically a race car with very little crash protection for the street. Crazy Japanese.

Highway sign showing live traffic. How cool.

The Tokyo International House where our group was staying. This place came together after WWII to foster international relations. Funny thing is that this place cost more than our 5-star hotel in Singapore. It was sort of like a nice motel.

A shopping mall

Roppongi Hills: Jay with the ladies: Liz, Ven, Linda, Steph, Amy, Tamar and Jess.

The Tokyo Subway system. Surprisingly, it's easy to get around without knowing any Japanese.

Group consensus before making any decision... Japanese style.

The other group on the opposite platform.

Colorful subway cars

Cy (Virgina Tech), Jenna and Scott (Aussies), Amy and Steph (Rice, Houston)

Anti-smoking campaigns in the subway. This one is in reference to old Marlboro ads.

Lots of ads in the subway

Soba Dinner. Window seating pretty high up with a view of the hotel used in Lost in Translation.

Cy, moi, Marcus and Ven.

The Lost in Translation street.

The whole group chilling in the hotel lounge before heading out.

Stricts rules of Club Gaspanic. And they were serious.

Connie, Ni, Maree, Marcus and moi at Club GP.

Notice the sign under the surf board... sexual discrimination!

Pretty cool club.

Linda on the dance floor... she was ever so shy.

Lina and Marcus getting thier groove on.

Ok, back to the real reason why we were here... tours and presentations. I chose to go on the Nissan factory tour. It was very cool. They said 95% of the factory was automated and there really weren't that many people around. It was located next to a dock where the cars were being driven straight onto ships.

A Nissan executive taking the train back with us to Tokyo.

Introducing the Texas Instruments Japan president at a presentation.

Early risers: Steph, Jess, Debbie, Cy, Tamar and moi.. on our way to the fresh fish market.


All the auctioning of the frozen tunas happens really early in the morning and this is the outside market for vegetables and other items.

Having fresh sushi for breakfast at a nearby restaurant.

The group with Yu, our local Tokyo Tech guide.

Big Buddha at Kamakurra, near Yokohama.

This has got to be a classic shot of Japan.

That's one thing great about the first world Asian countries (Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc)... the public actually forms a queue without being told to.

On the streets of Tokyo heading for some shopping

Scott with the thinnest Sony laptop at Akihabra, the electronics shopping district.

Ordering dinner

Debbie with the latest fashions at the 100 Yen store (dollar store).

Stylin' in Tokyo: Ven, Steph, Cy, Debbie and Liz.

Scott and his new friends. Not sure what these guys were selling on the street. Gay porn, maybe?

I think this is a Mosler race car for the road out in busy Tokyo. Why would anyone put this car in so much danger??

Debbie and I with the Aussies and Thai (that rhymes..) - Chatree, Jenna, Maree, Connie, Debbie and Scott.

American college girls very happy after getting massive Asahi beer from vending machine.

At an NEC presentation on their cool new cell phones.

Checking out some cool new phones.

The Bentoh box (traditional Japanese lunch). Yu explained all the items in the picture. I really can't do all the boiled vegetables, pretty bland. Everything else is great.

At an Izakaya - traditional sake house. This place was so warm and we were drinking hot sake... it got to your head real fast.

Yu going crazy at the Izakaya; very un-Japanese of him.

Getting our freak on at Limit Bar in Roppongi Hills. This area was filled with bars, but is meant mainly for foreigners, gai-jin. And the crazy thing is that all the bouncers are Nigerian...

Connie and Steph dancing on the bar. Note the huge Bose Acoustic Wave Cannon.

Full sleeve shirts not allowed.

Scott's shirt is already off as he hoists the queen.

Karaoke. Yeah baby. This was so much fun. You get a room and then you can order drinks and food up and wail away all night long. Great selection of songs too.

Swedish Karaoke girls

Did I mention that I'm a shower-singer?

Russ holding up the smallest beer can in the world at the 7-11. The Japanese must have very low tolerance to beer.

At the Musuem of History with Yu.

With Liz and Ven.

Trying different kind of foods at the local food market.

Liz enjoying something on a stick...

A Classic Mini on the streets of Tokyo.

Ven say bye, bye.

At the observation deck at Narita Airport. One of the few airports left in the world with an observation deck to enjoying the take-offs and landings of all the big 747s at Narita.