Friday, April 06, 2007

Dirt Riding in Mississippi

Here are some pictures from my dirt-riding trip to Mississippi over the Easter weekend. It's April and we were expecting temperatures in the range of 60 to 70 F, but this blasted cold front had just moved in across the country and we were going to be lucky if the high temperature reached 50, meaning overnight lows in the 20s! Great time to go camping :/ Anywayz, we took the days off and we were going; at least it wasn't going to be snowing.

The plan was for Anna and I to drive down to Wall Doxey State Park in upper Mississippi (near Memphis) to meet up with her boyfriend, Mike, who was driving up from Lafayette in Louisiana.

Our campsite. For the cold nights, Mike brought an electric blanket (RV site) and I brought my down comforter, which was warm enough.

Mike's an excellent cook and we had Crawfish Etouffe, Shrimp Fettucine, Tuna with rice, etc... not typical camping food, thank goodness.

Anna and Mike with breakfast: Boudine (Creole sausage with rice and other things in it), very tasty.

We found lots of gravel roads around the area...

Sardis Lake, which is partly dry in the winter makes for lots of fun riding on the lake bed.

Doesn't look like this is Mississippi... I was having visions of being somewhere in the Sahara...

And yes, I present you the classic AdventureRider picture. Seriously, this stream was only 5 inches wide and I thought, "hey, I should be able to cross that," and what do you know... it's all soft clay.

It took 5 of us (local fisherman to the rescue) half an hour to yank her out. All the clay in the spokes was weighing her down.

Being a good poser, I should've left all the mud on there... but I didn't want it to cake over the engine or mess up my brakes, so a good hose down was in order. $2 well spent.

I took Mike and Anna back the next day.

One wouldn't normally see a motorcycle and a buoy right next to each other...

A real forest trail that was quite challenging: crossing water, fallen logs, etc... good fun.

Sitting by a campfire at nights is one of my favorite moments in the world. A fire is just so encapsulating.

More pictures and video from my helmet camera to follow.