Wednesday, May 12, 1999

Kodai School - Grad and Bacc

Graduation was a big deal at Kodai and to emphasize it we had three different ceremonies. This also gave the parents a good show who probably traveled far to get up here. The night before graduation we had a "baccalaureate" where every candidate was required to wear traditional clothes and it was a "give thanx" kind of ceremony. I was asked to speak along with a few others for being there one of the longest, 10 years.

Then that night, there was the function, a big sit down dinner where the students perform for their parents. There were dances, musical performances, skits, etc. And then the next day was the commencement ceremony with the diplomas being handed out.

The Baccalaureate Ceremony

Sumi and me, about to enter the chapel for the Baccauleareate service. I'm wearing the traditional formal South Indian dress, my dad's silk dhoti.

Ruchi and Steve

Outside the chapel: Susan, Diksha, Ruchi and Sumi

Shanaya, Sewa and Ruchi

The Phelps Dorm Seniors: me, Raoul, Rajen and Harjoth


The class on the bleachers. It was held on our basketball courts.

Ruchi, our valedictorian giving the class speech. She's now at Harvard Medical School.

Playing a sax solo. Notice how nobody's smiling. I swear it wasn't that bad.

Our class band: Half Life. Kavin on bass and David on lead

Getting my diploma from the principal

Kavin and me

The Lower Boyer girls: Ruchi, Suman, Priya, Urvashi, Sumi, Angie and Diksha

Rajen, Aviraj, Dorji and me

Raoul and me

The graduating Class of 1999 of Kodai International School

Monday, February 01, 1999

Kodai School - Life Part 2

Miscellaneous pictures from life at Kodai School...

Our basketball team. We played other schools in the area.

Staying up late to watch a meteor shower (any excuse to be out late): Kavin, David, me and Lila

Social Experience: helping build a sewage tank for the nursing home - just like the corporate world, where one person's doing all the work and everyone else is wathcing

Roomies at the Formal

Bhumi, Sumi and Sabina in my room during an Open House, right before Phelps' Canteen

Kodai School Band, I'm holding Harj's tuba and he's got my sax.

Me at Senior Prom with my date, Sumi

The girls from Lower Boyer Dorm: Priya, Sumi, Angie and Urvashi

Harj, looking down at our home for the past 4 years, Phelps Dorm.

The view from our dorm of Kodai Lake

Kauzian, Harjoth and me on Flag Green - where people hung out

My last few hours at Kodai. Friends came to see me off.