Monday, February 01, 1999

Kodai School - Life Part 2

Miscellaneous pictures from life at Kodai School...

Our basketball team. We played other schools in the area.

Staying up late to watch a meteor shower (any excuse to be out late): Kavin, David, me and Lila

Social Experience: helping build a sewage tank for the nursing home - just like the corporate world, where one person's doing all the work and everyone else is wathcing

Roomies at the Formal

Bhumi, Sumi and Sabina in my room during an Open House, right before Phelps' Canteen

Kodai School Band, I'm holding Harj's tuba and he's got my sax.

Me at Senior Prom with my date, Sumi

The girls from Lower Boyer Dorm: Priya, Sumi, Angie and Urvashi

Harj, looking down at our home for the past 4 years, Phelps Dorm.

The view from our dorm of Kodai Lake

Kauzian, Harjoth and me on Flag Green - where people hung out

My last few hours at Kodai. Friends came to see me off.


Anu said...


This is Anu..I saw your blog about Kodaikanal International School..I was searching for my friend Sumi Ghosh who was in the dorm: Lower Boyer. Are you by chance in touch with Sumi? Sumi and me went to school together till Class 8 in Chennai, India after which she moved to KIS as her dad got transferred in UNICEF.

It would be great if you can give me Sumi's contact details. My email id is:


Arshia said...

Hey, my name is Arshia. I was randomly browsing the internet and I came across your blog about KIS. I just wanted to say that right now, I'm a student in KIS and my dorm is Phelps. The only difference being that it's and only ninth grade girls dorm...
Anyway, thanks for the pictures of the dorm... it's nice to see that it's got so much history...

Jammin said...

Hey Arshia,
Nice to hear from another resident of Phelps Dorm. Yeah, I think we were one of the last years that Phelps was a guys dorm, the only one on campus at the time. It was my home from 7th-12th grade and my room for the last 4 years there was the center room, right across the social room - great views of the lake from there...
- Jayanth