Tuesday, September 01, 1998

Kodai School - Life Part 1

Following are pictures from my senior year at Kodai School...

At the start of the Fall semester, every class went to camp for 3 days. We had to hike half a day to get to Berijam Lake, where we learned to use a hole in the ground for bodily functions, make a camp fire, cook and just enjoy the outdoors.

Berijam Lake, taken from our camp site

The excitement of staying up all night. I had stayed awake for a full 55 hours just for the heck of it. I saw some amazing shooting stars all through the clear night sky.

Ruchi, hiking on one of the paved roads in the Berijam Forest

Once a year in the fall, for a week, everyone was supposed to go on a field trip to enrich their learning experience. They had some set trips (Art History to Bangalore, French to Pondicherry, etc...). My friends and I were not really up for any of them, so we approached our very cool chemistry teacher, Mrs. Gopal and asked her to make up a field trip. She came up with Pune, the city near Bombay as it had a Radio Telescope, the National Chemical Laboratory and other scientific institutes. It was on. The best part was that the 30 of us that went were all friends from the same circle, so the train ride there and back was a blast along with all the chicanery that took place after hours...

Waiting at the train station

Dorji, oblivious of his hair style formed by sleeping on the train

Displaying my thirst for adrenaline and stupidity by hanging out of a moving train

Kavin catching some zzz's on the way to the Radio Telescope. Yes, that was a scary looking bus.

We had a formal every semester for the whole high school and then Prom in the spring for only 11th and 12th graders. Yes, I was on the social committee for the formal and I must say the China Town theme came off really well. Here are a few of my friends and their dates:

The Chintown Chicas: Urvashi, Priya, Ruchi, Sumi and Angela

Urvashi and Kavin

Ruchi and Steve

Shashi and Sumi

The bachelors in three different stage of the game: Nam, Rajen and Dorji

Tenzin and Urvashi

Every year in the Spring, the senior class gets to go on "Sneak," which is an organized getaway for the class to spend a few days at the beach. It was called Sneak, because in the 80's one of the senior classes organized the biggest farce in Kodai School history - the whole class snuck out of the dorms and went away for the weekend. When they came back, they couldn't all be suspended or expelled, so they just made it a tradition. We usually go to a beach near Mahabalipuram, just south of Madras.

Me and my love for sunrises

Shanaya, enjoying the sunrise

The Guys on the beach, just before leaving

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