Saturday, June 04, 2005

My Stables

I've always told my friends that my ideal house would be a 2 bedroom simple house (with a waterfall around the staircase) and a 12 car garage. Just simple, not asking for much. It's just that there's so much love to spread with regards to automobiles and motorcycles.

The way things were going in 2005, I had enough ponies to fill about a 1/3 of my future garage, or stables, as I like to call it. In Texas, I had my old bimmer and a similarily aged motorcycle. Four golorious years with Tiana (my bimmer) and I knew that my fist time loving in a city was going to lead to an accident pretty soon, with all the bad drivers out there. And as I guessed, within 2 months on living in the Chicago Suburbs, I got rear-ended pretty heavily with major damage. It was considered total, so I got something else in the bimmer family, a MINI. Now the bad thing was that, I couldn't come to terms to sell Tiana so quickly. For one thing, I was thinking whether fixing her up would be worth it, or just selling her as is. So many thoughts were tossed around. When I started riding properly and got interested in doing track days, my friends told me I should trailer my bike to the track. And I had just installed a trailer hitch on Tiana for hauling the old bike up from Texas. I was trying to find every excuse for keeping Tiana, but in the end, I came to terms with it and put her up on eBay and now she's heading to sunny San Diego to someone in the Navy. Sounds like he'll take good care of her.

The fourth addition to the family was Myra, my new Suzuki GSX-R. Initially I thought I would stick to the GS500E (my old bike) for the fist year and gain experience before moving up. Within a month of riding, I was at the edge of the GS500's handling and power and decided to move up sooner, turned out to be a good decision.

Following are pictures after all the girls got a good wash...

Myra, a 2004 Suzuki GSX-R600. The newest addition to the stables.

A virgin 275 miles. I was supposed to take her in at 600 miles for a safety check within a week of getting her. When I took her in as scheduled, she was already at 1150 miles. Oops.

Trisha, a 1991 Suzuki GS500E and my new girl

The Ladies: Trisha, Tiana, Nisha and Myra

The 4-wheeled beauts

Seeing the old through the new

The elderly ladies in the stables

Note the reflection of Trisha on both cars

Who said the MINI's a small car

Trisha, in all her glory. Some friends expressed distaste in her turquoise paint scheme, scratches and bondo on the headlight fairing, but I think it adds a bit of character.

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