Monday, July 04, 2005

Riding Rock River in the Wet

I came back from a wedding over the weekend in Indy and had been itching to ride for a while, well since the Flat 4 Tour in June. Monday, the 4th, looked gloomly as hell with this crazy storm system moving in from the west. Oh well, I packed the rain gear and headed out.

I didn't want to do Southern WI as I'm always there, so thought North Central IL around Rockford would offer some change. Decided to head over to Rock River and ride up and down the river and then back.

Got about 50 miles out before the heavens opened. There was no where to pull over under some cover to put on the rain gear. Im telling you, it's not fun putting on rain gear when it's raining hard all around you . I was taking IL-64 out to US-2, but forgot that 64 was closed, so found my way north to IL-72 and headed over to Byron. Had some lunch and went down the river almost to Dixon and then headed north to Rockford. Took a loop around the Rockford airport and headed south. Im quite the aviation enthusiast and was hoping to see something take-off, but with a cop sitting around, didnt want him to get suspicious .

Stopped at a picnic area to take some shots...

Was coming back on IL-72 and saw a cop pass me and turn on his lights; I was only going like 70 in a 55. Well, he didnt turn around, but I decided to cool it anyway and duck into some of the country roads, well that only lasted until the pavement ran out. Took a break by some corn fields...

I swear it really does get twisty, far down the road... like all the way in Arkansas-far.

Nice big fat stock exhaust (nice framing, huh)

Was pretty bored on the ride back (too much straight road in one day), figured next time, Wisconsin it is. Mileage was only 250, but still fun to be out there and riding in the rain is acutally quite enjoyable. Myra (my gsx-r) performed just fine.

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