Saturday, August 20, 2005

Menomonie - Pre Flat 4 Tour

Anna organizes a Flat 4 Tour twice every summer which covers the four flat states of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin in a 2 day trip. It gives many city riders the chance to do a 800 mile ride and spend a night. She has the whole route mapped out to the 'T' including which gas stations we're going to break at, where's lunch going to be and of course where we're staying the night. This is definitely good considering the size of the group. When I went in June, there were 40 riders.

Because my Canada trip dates were determined by when I got an interview at the US embassy in Toronto, I was going to miss the second F4T. Anna was going to do a pre-F4T to scout out the route and check for any changes, such as detours and road conditions (gravel). I wanted to go along with her and Rick, but I think Chris said most of the roads on the first day were going to be boring, so we decided to do an overnighter in the middle of the Spring Green Alpahbet soup twisties.

To save time in getting to the twisties (about 2 hours from Chicago), I contacted Madison Sport Bikes and asked if we could spend the night at someone's place. Stew opened his apartment to Chris and I and we made it over there on Friday night. We got a nice early start on Saturday, but had to end up waiting for Jesse, who was coming up from Chicago. So our time gained was lost. Anywho, we rode with the Madison crew for much of the day and then Chris and I planned to head towards LaCrosse and ride the Mindoro cut and some other recommended tarmac beauts.

As it was getting late, I wondered if we could join up with Rick and Anna as they would be riding the same roads back to Chicago the next day. A couple phone calls later and Chris and I were meandering our way up to Menomonie, WI. The fours of us rode back the next day and Chris us show good twisties along the way.

Read the full trip report here.

Stew (from Madison), Jesse and Chris, at the gas station north of Wildcat Mountain

Pulling into the Motel 6 in Menomonie

The ride back with Rick and Anna

Chris' BMW K1200GT

Anna and her sport-touring Honda 954RR

Me and Myra, shining in the morning light

Rick and some sort of Italian motorcycle

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