Thursday, October 12, 2006

Track Day Prep

I'm getting all excited about my second track day at Putnam on Oct 14 and 15. Since I'm getting a hitch installed on the MINI and will be trailering Myra down to the track (the way it's supposed to be done, as opposed to riding to the track like the first time) I'm able to get her track ready before getting to the track.

Getting her track ready require just a few simple things: removing of mirrors and taping up all glass/plastic that could shatter during a crash and spread debris on the track. Interestingly, the windscreen is not required to be taped up, but it can shatter on the track as my nice sport-touring shield did so during the first weekend. Since the headlights and the tail light are always on for a motorcycle, the fuses also need to be pulled so that the heat doesnt burn the tape. At tech inspection during the first weekend, I'd forgotten about the reflectors and even the license plate light. This time I just removed the reflectors.

The registered number of the bike needs to be displayed on the front in numbers that are at least 6 inches long so that corner workers can read the numbers and report you if you're doing anything funny on the track. It's also advised to have the numbers on the tail. The first track day, I had to ride there and also take my camping equipment with me so the rear seat was on. Putting the seat cowl back on really adds to the race image of the bike.

Myra finally looking like a race bike with racing numbers and the seat cowl, sans mirrors. Yes, she's missing a rear wheel, but I planned to do a stoppie around the track anywayzzz...

The numbers on the back came out quite nice, I think. The seat cowl looks a bit funny since it's all shiny and new (never been used) as opposed to the scratched up fairings. Maybe I should run some sand paper over the cowl and get it to blend better with the bike. I think I should at least get a new Suzuki sticker, haha.

Flows well with the bike lines...

5 sets of used race tires for mine and Andy's track day needs. He gets the 2 190s and I get the 3 180s. Got them for free from a fellow CLSB road racer. Those garbage cans sure do come in handy around the garage.

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Rick said...

Your worried about if the seat cowl matches the rest of the fairings? LMAO....POSER!Start hanging out with Nick (Grasshopper) he really has gotten the hang of independent racer/track rat;)