Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hong Kong Travel

I went on another China trip for work in May, but this time I would be going through Hong Kong as I needed to visit one of our suppliers near there. I was also very excited that I would be flying Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific Airline instead of just plain old American Airlines. Cathay was just voted Best Airline in the World for 2006. I've flown Cathay before while going home to India, but just in cattle class in the back, which is pretty awesome by itself. But this time, I would be in Business Class and my first time in the Upper Deck on the Boeing 747. I've looked forward to this for a long time.

Here are pictures of all the travel:

American's terminal at night in Chicago

Huge interactive touch screen info display by Accenture at the terminal. You could pull up different channels and watch 2 minute clips. Very cool.

Dinner onboard Cathay's 747 in Business. Note the very cool Salt and Pepper shakers.

Not as much legroom as on AA's Business Class, but this seat folded down flat for sleeping, albeit at an angle.

The space by the window felt like I had my own little office. I loved it.

The Upper Deck on the 747

Hong Kong Airport - now this is an Immigration Hall, compared to all the other drab hallways in other airports.

A concourse at Hong Kong International Airport, very spacious.

Cathay's Business Lounge, The Pier.

My view from The Pier... a Long Island Ice Tea and a Cathay Boeing 777

Return Journey:

Special kids area with Cartoon Network at Hong Kong Airport

Cathay's other Business Lounge, The Wing. I liked this one better than The Pier.

Pretty tranquil setting for a work area

Lunch menu onboard the return flight

Los Angelese Airport. Note the two sets of parallel runways, facing 1 degree apart from each other.

Australia's Qantas Airline's colorful Wulanji Dreaming 747 showing off Aborigine art

AA's Admirals Lounge at LAX. Much better than the one at Chicago.

Awesome views from the lounge of all the different International birds


VIVID1 said...

wow, Jay, you travel in STYLE :)


Jammin said...

You know it! And people at work wonder why I love to travel for work so much... Business Class, Limos, 5-star hotels.... the good life.