Saturday, January 06, 2007

Europe - St Anton, Day 4

(Previous Stop: St Anton, Day 3)

After finding what I liked at Zurs yesterday, I wanted to spend the whole day there and I loved it. Lots and lots of off-piste skiing, which kills the muscles. I was hurting very badly throughout the day and not just my legs, but upper body as well. Piste skiing (on groomed trails) is defintely a lot easier on the body than off-piste. It was also too hot for my taste in regards to skiing with the temperature hovering around 32 deg F. My ski gear is most ideal for around mid 20s temperature. With more energy being burnt during off-piste, I ended up sweating a lot more and had to cool off after every 30 minute run. This was my favorite day here.

A tunnel between St Anton and Zurs

Following another ski bus to Zurs through the tunnels

The start of my runs from the Zurs Trittkopf Tram. You basically had to ski off the face of this mountain... wonderful stuff.

Clear skys on a neighboring mountain

The mid-point tower for the tram. Today, I easily figured out the best way down the mountain without getting stuck like yesterday and the best thing was at times, I had the whole mountain to myself with very few other skiers there.

The tram

Part of the off-piste trail heading back down to the tram

View from the tram of the area that I skiied down

What is it with guys and having to mark their territory...

Me, at the top of the Trittkopf tram in Zurs.

If you squint really hard, you can see my territorial marking in the snow. View from the tram.

The top of the tram that had a nice little warming room inside.

Heading back home... those same awesome towering rocks.

The highway in the valley below

A few days after a snow storm, it's very hard to find any fresh powder as is demonstrated in the whole face of this mountain being skied out.

An injured skier getting air-lifted down to the hospital in the valley. Besides being injured, what a fun ride that would be...

Waiting for the bus back to my hotel... thin cross-country skis in comparison to my all-mountain skis.

The village of St Anton

It was much warmer down here than on the mountain and it was getting quite slushy...

(Next Stop: St Anton, Day 5)

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