Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Europe - Travel Inbound

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I was just so happy to be able to check my bags in and walk around without them. The terminal at Milan was very crowded at 10 in the morning with many long haul flights leaving at the same time. The boarding line to Delhi and Chicago were right next to each other. The agents were also scanning in every passport before boarding and this delayed departure for an hour. I don't understand why they repeated this, since we just passed immigration.

To get over jet lag on the way back, I had to stay awake the whole flight and the whole next day so that at night back at home, I would fall asleep easily when it was actually waking up time in Europe. Luckily Alitalia had a great in-flight entertainment system with Audio/Video on Demand (meaning I could start/stop/pause whenever I wanted).

The great thing about flying is that no matter what the weather is like on the ground (foggy and rainy)...

...once you pass the clouds, it's always sunny up here (except at night of course).

Saying good-bye to the Alps that provided some exciting skiing and stunning scenery.

Lunch on Alitalia. It was some lasagna with salmon on veggies (again, but I'm trying to eat more fish when I can) and overall not bad.

Breakfast: that yellow bread was warm with some cheese in the middle, along with the pastry and Red Orange juice.

Ahoy there Long Island - the last bit of the Atlantic Ocean before touching down in New York.

Landing and that brings an end to this fabulous trip.

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