Saturday, June 16, 2007

New York City

I visited New York City in June to attend a childhood friend's wedding and also meet up with my friend from highschool, Ruchita and her bf, Vijay. We killed some time walking around Central Park and there's some obligatory shots of Times Square, as well.

I like New York, it has a nice vibe to it. Would like to live there at some point, just to experience it.

My friends, Ruchita and Vijay, walking under a characteristic Central Park tunnel. There's a guy playing the sax in the tunnel.

Praticing rock climbing on this massive rock that was probably left here during the last Ice Age (I watch the History Channel).

Ducks on a rock in a big pond, where people were playing with their mini sail boats.

Trying to emulate Balanced Rock at Arches National Park...

Bethesda Fountain the centerpiece of Central Park at sunset.

Vijay, Ruchita and me at Bethesda Fountain.

Capturing the setting sun's ray in quadrants.

The Bethesda Terrace leading to the main mall in the park.

There's all sorts of random life going on in Central Park. Caputring some roller bladers going backwards through a slalom course.

A samba band playing some good beats with people dancing all over.

This girl looked like a professional dancer. She was having a good time.

Dancing on skates...

I love the idea of Central Park, to have this huge green paradise amidst all that concrete.

Big trees in the middle of New York City.

Another random street party...

Times Square with every logo trying to grab your attention.

They have these in third world countries, but they don't look this good. There's even a separation between the driver and the passengers.

A horsey trying to merge into traffic.

The famous One Times Square building, on which the New Years Ball Drop happens. This building was built in 1904 by the New York Times, where Times Square gets its name from. There are no tenants in the building, because it would cost too much to upgrade it to current standards, but it rakes in the mullah from just the ads, which are seen by about one million people everyday walking through Times Square.

From simple billboards, they've upgraded to all out LCD High Def TV screens.

Looking the other way across Times Square.

A high contrast picture to highlight the brightest objects.

That Coke sign on the bottom is considered to be art as it's a 3-D electro-kinetic sculpture with LEDs all over it.

These huge eyes would move around, like Big Brother was literally looking down on us.

All the famous street signs in one area.

The Time Square Subway station, which looks rather dull compared to all the glitz right above.

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